Low-impact ways to get out in the winter

Get out and get active this winter


Even when it’s cold, especially when it’s cold, it’s important to stay active. So many of our favorite winter activities are high-impact and difficult to enjoy when undergoing treatment. Get creative and find new ways to stay in shape. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Go for a walk around the block
It’s that easy! It will only take a few minutes, but by the time you’ve bundled up and gotten outside you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment. Make sure to wear ice cleats if you’re worried about slipping!

Find exercise videos to enjoy
You don’t need shelves full of workout DVDs, an internet connection is your gateway to exercise videos for whatever you’re interested in. Learn healing chair yoga to do at home or dance it out with light Zumba.

Go to the mall
There’s plenty of room at the mall to get your steps without worrying about slipping on the ice or becoming too cold. You can even check some items off your holiday shopping list, two birds with one stone!

Find a class
Attending a class will give you the motivation to get up and get moving. We offer Healing Chair Yoga classes every week, check our calendar for dates! You can also check out the Alaska Cancer Resource newsletter for other resources and activities in your area.