Last-minute gift guide for people in treatment and caregivers


It’s all too easy to let time slip away and before you know it, tis the night before Christmas and you still have presents to buy! If you’re a last-minute shopper seeking great gift ideas for people undergoing treatment or for your support systems at home, you’ve come to the right place!

 For people in treatment

  • Activity: If the person in your life who is undergoing treatment is feeling up to getting out and about, gift them a day pass or membership to the museum or the zoo. If walking around is too much, consider tickets to the performing arts center so they can go catch a show when they feel up to it.
  • Sensitive skin treatments: Most people in treatment have their favorite soothing lotions and ointments and they don’t always come cheap. Refilling their supply will be a gift that keeps giving and one they’re sure to appreciate.  
  • Cookbook: During treatment, many people need to make huge dietary changes. A cookbook that makes their new diet fun and interesting can be a great gift! Eating good doesn’t have to be boring, show them that!
  • Streaming or audiobook subscription: People will often experience more downtime than they’re used to during treatment. Resting and healing can become boring fast. Give the gift of entertainment by paying for a Netflix, Audible or other service to help them fill the time.

For caregivers

  • Spa day: Caregivers have thousands of responsibilities every day and they often don’t give themselves permission to take a break because it’s a 24/7 job. Give them the permission to take a day off! Send them to the spa, even just for an hour to give them a moment of relaxation.
  • A night on the town: Whether it’s a gift card for dinner or tickets to a show, a night on the town with friends can be just what a caregiver needs to kick back for a little bit. Take this gift to the next level by coordinating all of the logistics. Assign someone they trust to take over caregiving responsibilities for the night and make the reservation so they can’t back out!
  • Custom jewelry or momento: It can sometimes feel impossible to ever pay back caregivers for all the sacrifices they make and the good they do. Give them a gift with meaning like a small necklace or an engraved bracelet. Knowing it came from you will mean the world to them.