6 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day during treatment

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Going through cancer treatment is no easy feat – you are sure to have good days and bad days. It also affects your loved ones. Oftentimes, couples find themselves spending more time together at appointments and the hospital than doing things they enjoy. This Valentine’s Day, reignite the flame and restore the passion!

Here are six low-key ways you can take time for your valentine during treatment.

1. Netflix and chill
Laughter is the best medicine. Order your favorite takeout and liven up the evening with a stand-up comedy show or rom-com with the one you love.

2. Candle lit dinner at home – don't forget the roses
Bring the restaurant ambiance home by setting up a romantic candlelit dinner. Have fun with it by having a friend or family member set up a menu to order from. While you wait for the main course, soak up the moment with your significant other. Bonus points if you can sneak in a slow dance.

3. Fun and games
What better way to feel the love than to surround yourself with loved ones and have a game night? A small group of friends at someone's house, dinner and some board games is a great recipe for a fun evening.

4. Recreate a memory
Bring back simpler times by recreating your favorite memory. Whether it was your first date or first vacation together, try to recreate the moments that made you smile – even if that means bringing sandy beaches and mai tais to your house.

5. Dinner and a movie
If you're feeling great and you want to go out on the town, try a date-night classic. Have dinner and visit a movie theater where you can sit back, relax and check out that movie you've been wanting to see.

6. Couples Paint Night
Create a memory and a masterpiece that will last forever by tapping into your creative side. Attend a couples-themed Paint Night to admire each other’s work or let your competitive streak show and see who ends up with the best painting.

One thing to remember is every day is a gift. Your strength got you this far, so don't let the little things steal your joy, make each day count as best as you can.