Community spotlight: The Suz Fund

Suz Fund

We are proud to play our part in the treatment of cancer but we know we don’t do it alone. Going through cancer treatment is never a solo journey. There are multiple doctors, teams, loved ones and peers who will walk beside you both in the open and behind the scenes. We know you rely on so many more people than just your team at AVRTC and we want to shine a spotlight on some of the other organizations in our community that support our patients. One of these organizations is The Suz Fund.

The Suz Fund offers a variety of wellness services and connections to people in the cancer community who want to take their treatment and care a step further. From free yoga classes to health care scholarships, The Suz Fund has much to offer.

To understand all the good that The Suz Fund does, it’s best to start with their mission statement.

The Suz Fund helps cancer patients receive wellness services in Alaska. This fund strives to make wellness, therapeutic, and advocacy services more available by reducing barriers that make it difficult for cancer patients to receive support. Our goal is to facilitate access for all cancer patients, with an emphasis on younger patients as they navigate the challenges unique to managing early onset cancers.

The organization was created by the friends and family of Suzanne Marie Drinen Worthington. Suzi was a teacher, student, artist, sister, daughter, aunt, wife, friend and a precious human being. When Suzi was diagnosed with cancer the seeds for the Suz fund were already being planted. Her vision was to create an organization to enable those dealing with cancer to receive the wellness support and complementary therapies that felt right to them, so when cancer eventually took her from this world, her friends and family, led by her husband Monty, set out to make her dream a reality.

Suzi wanted people undergoing treatment to be able to pursue wellness in whatever way they felt would benefit them, even if it wasn’t covered by insurance. Whether it be healing yoga, acupuncture or even traditional services not covered, she dreamed of a day when money would not be a roadblock for anyone seeking treatment. Here are some of the ways The Suz Fund empowers people in treatment:

  • Free Healing Chair Yoga is offered every Monday at Deha Yoga.
  • The Suz Fund partners with local yoga studios to offer patients punch cards that will grant them, one free class, a week. Check out the details.
  • Health scholarships are granted to cover anything you feel would help your healing but isn’t covered by your insurance. Some examples of previous health scholarships include acupuncture and reflexology treatments, health club memberships, and sessions with personal trainers.
  • The Suz Fund plans multiple events throughout the year. On August 10 for instance, there is a fundraising dinner cruise out of Seward Alaska! Check out their website to see what other events are coming up.