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Celebrating National Doctors’ Day

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We don’t need any reminders that we work with some of the best doctors around, but we’ll take Doctors’ Day, a national holiday observed every year on March 30, as another reason to celebrate the contributions of neighboring physicians and their staff.

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Life after treatment: Returning to 'normalcy'

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By: Becky Libal, ANP-C Survivorship Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Manager

Thoughts, feelings, and emotions can vary in quality and intensity during cancer treatment and the tasks of managing side effects and many appointments can be an all-consuming job. Patients often have an entire support team made of caregivers, medical providers, and peers focused on getting them through the daily demands of treatment, and the thoughts of of life after cancer receive little attention until the day of discharge has arrived.

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4 fun, low-impact activities to brighten your spring

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There may still be snow on the ground, but the days are quickly getting longer, which means spring is right around the corner. Don’t allow treatment to stop you from getting out and being active. Not only will it get your heart pumping, it can increases your energy level. Here’s a look at some low-impact ways you can get out and enjoy the sights and sounds of spring.

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Radiation treatment for colorectal cancer

Doctor patient treatment March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness month! Getting a cancer diagnosis is scary so we’ve outlined a few details to help you understand the role that radiation therapy plays in the treatment of colorectal cancers and a little more information about what treatment at AVRTC is like.

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6 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day during treatment

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Going through cancer treatment is no easy feat – you are sure to have good days and bad days. It also affects your loved ones. Oftentimes, couples find themselves spending more time together at appointments and the hospital than doing things they enjoy. This Valentine’s Day, reignite the flame and restore the passion!

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