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Support Alaska cancer lodging fund with coffee from Kaladi Bros.

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Do you like a warm drink to get you through the day? What if that warm drink could support an Alaskan going through cancer? We’re excited to announce that we are partnering with Kaladi Brothers Coffee during the month of October to support Alaskans who need lodging while undergoing cancer treatment, known as the Lodging Crisis Fund.

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Making Strides in Anchorage

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On Saturday, Sept. 29 Anchorage will come together for the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5K Run & Walk. Patients, survivors, caregivers and people who care about making progress in breast cancer research and treatment will spend the day celebrating and encouraging each other. You can register online for the walk/run or sign up at the check-in table on the day of the event.

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Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

When something that affects one in nine men is 99 percent treatable and easily detected, it seems like a no-brainer to get screened. Know the signs of prostate cancer, get your screening and encourage all the men in your life to get checked as well. Here are a few more things you can do for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month to raise awareness for this highly treatable disease.

  1. Get screened! Screening guidelines for prostate cancer were updated in 2017. If you have a family history of prostate cancer, start your regular screenings at age 40. If you’re African-American, start your screenings at 45. If you have no family history of prostate cancer and you’re not African-American, you can wait until you’re 50.
  2. Share your story. You never know what will help someone make the choice to get screened. Share your story on social media, bring it up in conversation and make sure everyone in your life knows why it’s important to get screened.
  3. Give. Although many breakthroughs have been made in prostate cancer research, there is still so much to learn. Find an organization like the Prostate Cancer Foundation to donate to this month.

Still want to do more? Get involved and Save the Males!

Cancer Bites: September Recipe / Garlic Lemon Cod


Is your freezer packed full of this season’s bounty? Whether you caught it yourself, a friend gave it to you or you picked it up at your favorite fish market, many Alaskans are enjoying freezers full of freshly caught cod. We have the perfect recipe for you this month that’s delicious and supports prostate health. Garlic lemon cod is packed full of the healthy omega 3 fatty acids that your body craves.


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Cancer Bites: August recipe / Summer corn, avocado & black bean salad

BlackBeanSalad recipe

 We may be losing daylight but summer is not over yet! There is still time for barbecues and porch sitting. That’s why this month we’re serving up the best summer snack/appetizer in our repertoire: summer corn, avocado and black bean salad.

On top of tasting amazing, this recipe is packed full of potential health benefits. Black beans are rich in selenium, a mineral that aids in liver enzyme function and detoxifies some cancer-causing compounds.

Pro tip: Most canned vegetables and beans contain added salt and you could be adding more salt into your recipe than you’d like. To prevent this, look for “no salt added” ingredients. If you can’t find it, rinse the vegetables before adding them to your dish to get some of the added salt off. This is what we did for the black beans in the recipe below.

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