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Alaska Gamma Knife Center

When you are diagnosed with cancer, it is important to look into all the treatment options available to you. Cancer treatment is a rapidly evolving field, with many treatment options and technical innovations becoming available on a nearly daily basis. Brain radiosurgery with Gamma Knife® is such a treatment, at the forefront of technical innovation.

Gamma Knife® is a non-invasive method for treating a variety of brain disorders. It delivers a highly conformal dose of radiation to the target, while sparing healthy brain. Considered the “gold standard” of radiosurgery, the Gamma Knife® is preferred by major cancer centers for its unprecedented accuracy, efficiency, and outstanding therapeutic response.

The Alaska Gamma Knife Center is the only facility bringing Alaskans the unrivaled, Gamma Knife Icon™. The Icon is the next-generation Gamma Knife® that features a number of upgrades to standard radiosurgery systems, including CT imaging used to localize the tumor before and during treatment, and continuous infrared motion monitoring, to ensure accurate tumor targeting throughout treatment. The Gamma Knife Icon™ now allows for select radiosurgery patients to be treated with a more comfortable thermoplastic mask.

With Gamma Knife® radiosurgery, there is improvement in the quality of life for patients with serious neurological conditions. Gamma Knife® models an unmatched combination of power and precision and has resulted in positive clinical outcomes with few complications.