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About Gamma Knife Radiation Treatment

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The Gamma Knife procedure is available only at Alaska Gamma Knife Center, located at Anchorage Radiation Therapy Center. It is consider the "Gold Standard" of treatment, worldwide.

Overseen by Dr. Stephen Settle and in conjunction with a Neurosurgeon, Gamma Knife® radiosurgery makes it possible for patients to undergo a non-invasive form of brain surgery without trauma, surgical risks, a long hospital stay or subsequent rehabilitation.

Gamma Knife is often the only treatment option for inoperable lesions and for patients who were formerly considered untreatable or at very high risk for open skull surgery.

The term "Gamma Knife" can be misleading. The treatment does not use knives or make incisions of any kind. Instead, the state-of-the-art technology focuses 192 beams of gamma radiation on your brain tumor or abnormality. The treatment location receives an effective dose of radiation, but the beams pass harmlessly through the nearby healthy tissue.

Because there are no incisions, Gamma Knife treatments are safer than traditional brain surgery. There's less risk of infections, complications or side effects. Treatments are often performed in a single outpatient visit with just local anaesthesia and you'll likely be able to resume your normal activities within a few days. The side effects, if any, are minimal and because Gamma Knife treatment is so effective, it is recognized and covered by the majority of insurance plans.

One of the key components of Leksell Gamma Knife - the tool that allows your doctor to precisely pinpoint your tumor or problem - is the special stereotactic head frame. This lightweight frame, which is attached to your head with four small screws, ensures that the radiation beams are precisely targeted. The frame also prevents your head from moving during the treatment procedure, which ensures that only the target area in your brain receives radiation. You will not have your head shaved, you will receive a local anesthesia in the four pin sites where the frame is secured, you may feel some pressure right after the frame is attached, however that will subside. Many patients find they fall asleep during treatment.

Accuracy is the single most important aspect of stereotactic radiosurgery

Gamma Knife radiosurgery sets the bar for accuracy, with guaranteed precision that enhances physician confidence and ensures patient safety.

This superior level of accuracy is due to three factors:

1. Gamma Knife was designed specifically to provide the very best radiosurgical treatment of brain tumors

2. The radiation source never moves

3. Your head is stationary! When treating a target as delicate as the brain, neurosurgeons try to avoid any movement that might reduce accuracy

As the only Gamma Knife Center in Alaska, we've helped people with conditions such as:

  • Malignant tumors such as metastatic cancers and some primary brain cancers
  • Benign tumors of the pituitary gland or cranial nerves (such as vestibular schwannomas- a benign nerve sheath tumor in the ear)
  • Vascular malformations including arteriovenous malformations (AVMs or an abnormal connection between arteries and veins)
  • Functional disorders such as trigeminal neuralgia (a neuropathic disorder characterized by episodes of intense pain in the face, originating from the trigeminal nerve).

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