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Weekend of art, education and music raises gynecologic cancer awareness

LEWK save the date

As Cervical Cancer Awareness month comes to an end, Let Every Woman Know - Alaska is keeping the conversation going with its 8th annual Gynecologic Cancer Awareness and Arts of Healing weekend. Festivities kick off Friday, Jan. 31 in Anchorage. The weekend will feature a showcase by artists who have been touched by cancer, a free gynecologic cancer course and a benefit concert at Koot’s.

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Where to turn for answers about a cancer diagnosis

 Doctor patient treatment

Hearing the words “you have cancer” isn’t something we imagine happening to us until it does. All of a sudden we have to become educated about a disease we might know little about, including all the ways to treat it. Not to mention we have to make a plan for handling everyday tasks that used to be simple but will now require extra planning. It’s easy to be overwhelmed and you’re sure to have lots of questions.

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When a coworker or employee has cancer

There is no question that cancer throws a wrench into any relationship. All of a sudden, there is a piece to the puzzle that wasn’t there before. All parties must quickly learn how to navigate the uncharted waters. When it is a friend, family member or loved one, many years of close interaction can help inform everyone involved how to move forward.

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Community spotlight: The Suz Fund

Suz Fund

We are proud to play our part in the treatment of cancer but we know we don’t do it alone. Going through cancer treatment is never a solo journey. There are multiple doctors, teams, loved ones and peers who will walk beside you both in the open and behind the scenes. We know you rely on so many more people than just your team at AVRTC and we want to shine a spotlight on some of the other organizations in our community that support our patients. One of these organizations is The Suz Fund.

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