Social life during cancer treatment


During treatment it can be hard to do all the things that you used to enjoy. Undergoing treatment and working to heal your body can take a lot out of you and some days it takes up all the energy you have. It’s important to remember that getting out and doing the things you love can be good for both your mental wellbeing and your physical health. You don’t have to give up your social life!

In Alaska our summers are jam packed with outdoor activities and social gatherings. You may not be able to climb Flattop or sit around the campfire all night while you’re undergoing treatment but there are still ways to enjoy your favorite activities. Here are a few of Alaska’s most popular summer adventures and ways that you can still participate.

Hiking trips with your pals

Instead of hiking the tallest peaks, get a group of friends together for leisurely, closer-to-town trail hikes. Talk to your doctor about what level of physical activity is appropriate but if you’re feeling good - send a group text to your pals and get active! The Thunderbird Falls trail or the Crevasse Moraine Trail are great options because they are more mild and regardless of where you are on the trail you’re never far from the trailhead so if you become tired it’s easy to take a break.

Campfires under the midnight sun

One of the hardest parts about treatment can be that socializing with friends may become difficult. You’re treatment schedule will give you slightly less free time and when you have some good days and some hard days it’s hard to plan get togethers in advance. When in treatment, some side effects can require dietary changes which means that going out for dinner or drinks with your friends can become even more difficult.

Plan (or ask your friends to plan) more low-key events like backyard barbeques and campfires. Start earlier in the day or plan it for a time of day that you tend to feel best. If it’s easiest to have get togethers at your home so you don’t have to get out of your house, enlist a few friends to help with the planning and preparation so you can sit back and enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

Be spontaneous! Sometimes you won’t know how you’re going to feel in advance but if you’re having a good day, don’t hesitate to reach out to your friends and family and see who can get together for last minute hang outs.

Day trips to your favorite Alaska getaway city

If you’re itching to get out of town but nervous to get too far away from your doctors, take a look at trips closer to home. One of the many great things about Alaska is that there is so much to explore no matter where you live. Take a short drive with your significant other and stop at pullouts, restaurants you’ve never tried and more! Talk to your doctor about traveling during your treatment and if they give you the all clear then pack up and go!